Precision in Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturing

Hydraulic technology could be rightly termed as the booster of industrialisation. It has revolutionised productivity in almost all spheres with the marvel of ‘Minimum efforts, Maximum Results’. All this has been made possible by the hydraulic cylinder and this branch of engineering has come to stay for all times to come, not only on the earth but up in the space too. In fact, it is an actuator that could be mechanical or electro-mechanical, to render a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke in generating enormous power for innumerable applications.

Depending on the end use, this cylinder is designed, developed and manufactured. For instance, numerous specific, high precision and dynamic factors are involved in the design of a heavy duty cylinder and hydraulic rams. Some of these are –

– Medium of lubricant
– Dimension of Bore, Piston, Valve
– Pressure Rating
– Mounting and Cushion
– Polyurethane Rod Seal and Wiper

Made from high tinsel and anti-corrosion steel, its design and production calls for highest degree of tolerance machining for maximum strength since the ultimate application may range from a mini cotton bale press or a large civic waste compactor to earth moving machinery, a snorkel crane or car parking system and surface to air missile launcher.

The cartridge valves and air bleed techniques play a key role in the functioning of these cylinders. Hence, the cartridge valves and Hydraulic Power Pack suppliers have to be reputed quality conscious companies equipped with the latest manufacturing technology. One among such engineering firms in India is the Delhi NCR based Dantal Hydraulics. Robust infrastructure and highly qualified engineers and technicians happen to be its assets.

– Computer aided design laboratory with software for simulated 3-D actions
– Machining through both CNC & VMC
– Skiving and Burnishing
– Rod Processing Plant
– Friction Welding & Robotic Welding
– Assembly
– Painting

No wonder, the company has earned the prestigious ISO 9001:2008, ISO1400:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 3834 Part -2 certifications for its state-of- the-art production facilities as well as impeccable quality and reliability.